Vehicle Storage Idaho Falls

Vehicle Storage Idaho Falls

Whether you have an extra car at the moment or are planning a long vacation, everyone has need to safely store a vehicle at some point. There are many key points to go over in making sure the auto is not damaged by storage, and the biggest consideration is protecting it from the elements and theft. First Street Storage Center provides a great facility for vehicle storage in Idaho Falls..

Idaho Falls Vehicle Storage the Right Way.

The major considerations when choosing a place to store your vehicle are security, space and access, and environment. First Street Storage Center provides the optimum facility for all three considerations. Units range in size up to 12’x45′ units capable of holding an RV. All units are on the ground, so you can easily drive in and park. You won’t have to worry about some of the more onerous provisions for vehicle storage. Protecting your car is easy because vehicle storage in Idaho Falls is safe and secure.

Vehicle Storage Idaho Falls
Vehicle Storage

Security at the facility is excellent. The entrance features a gate with electronic access, and the perimeter is secured. Alarms are installed for individual units, so you won’t have to worry about that vintage car attracting the attention of other renters. Closed-circuit cameras monitor the facility 24/7. Besides being a great deterrent, these security features will protect you just in case the worst happens.

You’ll still need to take the standard precautions to protect your vehicle from damage due to long-term storage. Changing the vital fluids just before storage will prevent corrosion of the engine parts. It’s also a good idea to run a fuel additive through the engine before storage. To prevent flat spots, over-inflate the tires. Finally, remove the battery, and place it on a trickle charger.

Choose First Street Storage Center for your Idaho Falls Vehicle Storage Needs!
Vehicle storage in Idaho Falls is much easier with the right facility. Choose the one with the best features for protecting your auto. It’s much easier to store your vehicle the right way in the first place, versus spending thousands on rehabilitating an auto stored improperly. Call Today! (208) 524-4770

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